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Take advantage of our vacation home cleaning services in Greenville and Providence, RI

No one wants to worry about cleaning when they're on vacation. Thankfully, Silky Pro Maids has got you covered. We provide vacation home cleaning and rental property cleaning to property owners in Greenville and Providence, RI. You can sit back and relax knowing our experienced team will thoroughly clean your space from top to bottom.

All of our cleaning products are made in-house and are completely organic. So you don't have to worry about harsh chemicals being used.

Whether you're planning your next vacation or preparing a rental for guests, we'll handle the cleaning so you don't have to.

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Sit back and relax

Make sure your vacation home, rental or Airbnb is properly sanitized. Choose Silky Pro Maids as your go-to cleaning company in Greenville and Providence, RI. When you hire us to take care of your vacation home cleaning or rental property cleaning needs, expect us to...

  • Mop, vacuum and sweep the floors
  • Disinfect your bathroom and kitchen
  • Clean any appliances in the building
  • Remove and dispose of any trash

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